Happy birthday to this amazing man. To me, you will always be the 29 year old I fell in love with 15 years ago. Thank you for loving me and I guess I can now say, growing old with me. We love you more than words.

weekend roundup

It was an absolutely gorgeous spring weekend. Highs in the 70’s and 80’s meant we spent the entire weekend outside, which was great. 

We also spent it with our neighbors. The entire thing. Which made it even better.

Saturday morning, we ran the annual Generation Run to benefits Students Run Philly Style. It’s used to be an 8k, but this year they cut it down to a 5k. It was still a great time and fun to race for a change. I can’t remember the last time I ran a 5k and had fun running with Jeremy. I surprised myself with a decent time, which was nice. Especially since I ran it pregnant last year. And a bunch of our neighbors and friends came out to run and cheer us on, including our friend Scott, who ran it as his first 5k! He did great!

The rest of weekend was filled with lots of playground time, a trip to a small, local zoo with Jackson, beers on the deck with Mike and Scott, a great 8.5 mile run with Carolyn and an impromptu neighborhood bbq in our back alley with tons of food and toys for the kids.

Good times. Great friends. Perfect memories.

People always comment on how Quinn and I are twins, but I never really saw it until I noticed us making the same ridiculous face in this photo today. Seriously. I’m cracking up at us. 😁😁👯

Another beautiful night. Another night at the playground. Another beautiful night. Another night at the playground. Another beautiful night. Another night at the playground. Another beautiful night. Another night at the playground.

Another beautiful night. Another night at the playground.

weekend. spring, here you are!















As the days gradually grow longer and warmer, our weekends become busier and more fun. It happens every year. After spending months indoors, at the first sign of spring, everyone rushes outside and starts making plans for weekends months in advance. It’s one of the things I love about this time of the year.

This weekend was one of those weekends. We didn’t have much planned, but we spent the entire two days outside with friends. Ruby spent time in the sun for the first time since she was two months old and Quinn ran around so much she was completely exhausted by Sunday night. 

On Saturday, we had dance class, a library visit, and a long walk in the woods with Jackson and some serious imaginative play. It’s crazy to see what kids come up with when all they have are rocks and sticks.

We got to have dinner with Grandma and Grandpa in Center City without the girls to celebrate Grandpa’s birthday. It was nice to sit back and catch up with them without having to talk over someone crying or screaming “Let It Go” at the top of her lungs.

On Sunday,we spent three hours in the garden cleaning it out and remulching it while Quinn helped and Ruby napped and then happily bounced in the exersaucer outside with us. Later, we had a delicious dinner with our good friends Lori, Emi, Mia and Seth, who we haven’t seen in forever.

Both days, I got in decent runs. One was alone where I made myself do multiple hill repeats. The other was with Carolyn around Kelly Drive as we watched a 5K race on the other side of the river and dodged a high school regatta on ours. Both runs felt wonderful outside in the sunshine. 

Both days we had hours of playtime with scooters, chalk, basketballs and baseballs on the sidewalk in front of our rowhomes with Evie, Johnny and Jackson while the squealing kids terrorized the block and all the exhausted parents sat back on the stoop, drank beer at an impromptu happy-hour, and talked about how we were going to plan a night out together without kids. (We really mean it this time!)

The sun was out but it was still cool and comfortable. The the daffodils were blooming, the Phillies were always on in the background and there were friends and family around us at all times. We were (are) exhausted as usual, but it’s a good kind of exhausted.

Welcome spring.

Yes. It is time to start reading these books. Someone had been asking a ton of questions lately. Luckily, it’s the library to the rescue. #toosoon #saveme

So, I think I figured out where Ruby got those mysterious ears. Also, she has that little yellow toy in her crib now, 38 years later.😊 #tbt

Night, night. 🌛💤

A little playground action last night after work. A little playground action last night after work. A little playground action last night after work. A little playground action last night after work.

A little playground action last night after work.

This weekend, we took a relaxing day trip to Rehoboth Beach, with our good friends Mike and Scott. They graciously invite us to join them a few times a year for a fun weekend, and every time, we have a blast.

Even though we were only there one night and it was cold, rainy and foggy, we made the most of it. We drank, ate, walked the foggy beach (beautiful), drank more, let the kids stay up late, and laughed the whole weekend. Mike and Scott even taught Quinn how to play cards (which she loved) and indulged us (me) by joining me at the outlet stores on Sunday morning. 

Ruby got to see the beach for the first time. I think she was impressed. And both girls were so good on the long car ride.

Even though it wasn’t a true vacation, it felt so good to get out of the city with my little family and friends for a day. Thank you again, Mike and Scott!

Ruby’s first trip to the beach. Rehoboth, March, 2014.

life lately

I keep meaning to update here with things that are going on, but I never seem to have the time these days. We’re busy, but yet, not doing much, if that makes sense. So, here is a little update on us.

The sickness.


It seems everyone has it these days. Quinn had a three-day fever-stomach mess this past weekend (Ruby had it the week before). And while she handled it ok, I know it was hard on her. We did have a really nice day together when I stayed home with her on Tuesday. Jeremy went to work and Ruby went to daycare, so it was just us two girls. She helped me organize baby clothes, we played games, decorated headbands, and of course, watched Frozen. She was just really, really good. It’s amazing how much different she is now that she’s four. I mean, we still have our issues, but man, she is so, soooo much better. So, all you parents of three-year-olds, just hang in there. Your sweet kid will come back to you.

And Ruby has been up at nights coughing, sneezing and basically drowning in her own snot. We thought she was sick, but I think her two bottom teeth are coming in and that’s the culprit. She is generally happy, but wow. Where does all the snot come from?

Speaking of snot…


Someone bought us a NoseFrida as a gift when I was pregnant, but when I pulled it out of the box, I was intimidated and shoved it back in and hid it in the back of the closet. In a fit of desperation this week, I pulled it out and actually took the 2 seconds it takes to read the instructions and guess what? It’s the easiest thing ever (of course). And it works! Waaaay better than a nasal aspirator. And it’s not gross, I swear. If you have a snotty kid (and if you have a kid, you have a snotty kid), run, don’t walk, to get one of these.

It’s still winter.


This is a photo of Ruby taking a bath with the snow falling outside the kitchen window. This was taken 3 days ago. At the end of March. I don’t even know what to say.

Speaking of Ruby taking a bath…




It’s simply one of my favorite times of the day.

Speaking of Ruby Speaking…

She says “Dada” all the time now. I know that’s not really a word but more of an easy sound all babies make, but she only says it when she sees Jeremy. This morning, he walked into the room, she looked at him and she just started saying it over and over again. It was so sweet and Jeremy looked like someone just stabbed him in the heart with a happy arrow.



This week, without much fanfare, I nursed Ruby for the last time. I thought I was going to be more upset about it, but honestly, I’m not. I’ve been supplementing with formula for a few months, and as time went on after I returned to work, even with pumping 4 times a day, and exclusive nursing at home, my supply slowly dwindled. Towards the end, she basically refused to nurse and I would get a half an ounce of milk from both sides after pumping for 20 minutes. I could have rearranged my life to try to get back my supply, but it’s harder this time around and she is perfectly happy and healthy with formula and food. So, that’s it. 

I nursed Quinn for 11 months, and while I would have liked to have reached that with Ruby, 7 months is fine with me. We still have a few bags of milk in the freezer, but after those are gone, that’s it. My nursing days are officially over forever. It sounds much sadder than I feel. Really, the only thing I’m sad about is that it means my last baby is growing up. But I’m not sad about having my body back, wearing normal bras again and throwing my pump over a cliff.

I chopped off a lot of hair this week.


I loved having long hair, but it’s nice to have something different again.

We went out with a bunch of friends last weekend.


Jeremy helped throw a good friend of ours a surprise birthday bash last weekend. Grandma and Grandpa had a sleepover with the kids and we were able to go out in Center City with friends, not wake up in the middle of the night to feed a baby, and then go to breakfast and Target alone the next morning. It was pretty great.



I realized the other day that I have not left the city of Philadelphia since June. Seriously. I need a vacation. Our good friends Mike and Scott (see photo above) have graciously invited us to Rehoboth this weekend with them. While it’s too cold to go to the beach, and really, it’s going to rain all weekend, it will still be nice to get out of Dodge for a couple of days and spend time in another home, cooking, chatting, drinking wine and watching the kids play.

Also, after much whining, Jeremy bought us tickets to go to Florida to see my family in July. We usually go at Christmas, but didn’t this year. Then, we were going to go a few weeks ago, but cancelled that one too. It’s been way too long and I can’t wait to get back down to FL to see all my friends and family. It’s going to be miserably hot, but we’ll have lots of beach/pool time, so that will be fun.



Even though it’s been a long, cold winter, I’ve been meeting friends a couple of days a week for short runs before work. I am still pretty out of shape, and no where near as “fast” as I was two years ago, it has been good to get out there and catch up with friends on the dark, bitter winter mornings.

But, spring is coming and that means training is just around the corner. After taking last year off while pregnant, I can’t wait to get into the swing of things again. First up: The Broad Street Run 10 Miler in May. Then, hopefully, we can sneak in a couple of half marathons over the summer/fall. I would like to run the Philadelphia Marathon and maybe the Rehoboth Beach Marathon in December. But, it’s harder these days to commit to training with a baby. We’ll see. For now, every run is a good run, as long as I can find time to get out.




These two…

Lately, it’s been so much fun to watch these two together. Ruby is at that perfect baby age, where she is interactive, happy, trying new things but not yet mobile. Quinn is also at a perfect age where she has all the innocence and hilarity of a three-year old, but is able to control her emotions and impulses a little better. They both just love to be around one another and it makes my heart swell every time I watch them interact. Of course, Quinn has started screaming at Ruby when she hits her in the head or grabs at her toys. Which makes Ruby do it more and with a smile on her face. I foresee a lot of screaming and hair-pulling in our future. But, for now, it’s sweet.

That’s what’s going on here. Now we will return to our irregularly scheduled instagram posts.


# parenting #torment

ruby james - 7 months old

It’s been a good month, Ruby Tuesday. I feel like things have gotten a little easier since your sister turned 4 years old and you are becoming a bit more independent. I don’t feel quite as overwhelmed as I did a few months ago, and that’s a relief.

This month, you’re trying out some new things, like sitting up, waving and growing teeth. The sitting up thing is getting easier for you as the days go by. You can sit for a long while on the bed without toppling over. Quinn likes to sit behind you and “help” you sit up. And by “help” I mean, push you over when I’m not looking.

The past week you have learned how to wave…kind of. It’s really just an odd, stiff-jointed, shaky salute, but it’s pretty cute. And every now and then, when I, your dad, Grandma, Grandpa and Quinn all hysterically wave at you and smile like idiots, you will even give us a little wave back and smile.

And the past few days, all of your drooling and coughing have finally revealed the familiar white bumps on your bottom gums. I give it two weeks before we definitely have a breakthrough. Hopefully, it won’t be too painful for you. You seem to be taking it all in stride.

Speaking of teeth, we still try to feed you solid food, but you’re pretty picky. Right now, you’ll only eat sweet potatoes and sometimes bananas. And some days, you won’t eat anything. The pediatrician told us to just keep trying, but not worry too much about it. So, we don’t. But it’s weird to see a baby refuse so much food when our previous baby would eat anything and everything we put in front of her from day one.

You are enjoying daycare and are so tired on the days you come home from there that you sleep great at night. You love going to Grandma and Grandpa’s house and get a giant smile every time you see them.

You enjoy walking outside in the ergo or bjorn (when it’s not snowing…in MARCH), you love bouncing in your gigantic exersaucer while Quinn plays next to you. You like being held and snuggling with me in bed in the mornings. You HATE being left alone.

You love, love, love taking baths and would sit in the tub all day if I let you. You love watching Daddy and Quinny act out “Do You Want to Build a Snowman” from Frozen in the dining room after dinner. Actually, you love watching Quinny do anything.

You are growing cuter and more charming by the day. You grunt and laugh all the time and love to chat and screech. Your wide eyes, (and ears), button nose, gummy smile, and laid-back personality make people instantly fall love with you. Most of all, me.

I love you Ruby James. Happy 7 months.