Here it is, that time of year again - another year, another video.

I have been debating over the past month if I wanted to do a year-end video for Quinn’s 2nd birthday. I enjoyed creating her first one so much, but it took me, off and on, about 2.5 months to do it. I was so overwhelmed with choosing photos and sifting through video clips and then trying to edit, that it took forever. I knew I didn’t have the time or energy to do that now. People started asking me if I was going to make another one. I had a few songs in mind that I wanted to use, but still, I couldn’t muster up the inspiration to get it started.

Then, Saturday while I was out running, a song came on my shuffle. As I sang along in my head, the words automatically made me think of Quinn and her life and all of our lives together. By the end of the song, tears were streaming down my face and I pretty much had the whole video mapped out in my head. I started editing that afternoon and had it done by Monday night.

I previewed it to Quinn and Jeremy last night as they sat together at the dinner table. Quinn clapped throughout the entire thing and made us watch it three times. She loved pointing out everyone in the video.

“That’s Quinny and Mia!”

“That’s Quinny and Grandma!”

“That’s Marco!”

Jeremy told me, with tears welling in his eyes, that it was even better than last year’s.

As long as those two critics are happy, then it was all worth it. I guess I’ll have to do another one next year.