"Families are like fudge – mostly sweet with a few nuts." - Unknown

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Today, we met up with our buddy Mia at a local playground for Quinn and Mia’s very first Easter egg hunt.

Only problem was, when we arrived, we found out the egg hunt was yesterday. Yeah…I guess that would make sense. People probably want to do silly things like hang out with their families on Easter Sunday. Whatever.

Luckily for us, Quinn has no clue what an Easter egg hunt is, even after we had been building it up for her all morning. We were way more bummed out about it than she was. 

The good thing is, we didn’t have to deal with any psychotically competitive, helicopter parents  and we had the whole playground pretty much to ourselves. Quinn and Mia where the Queens of the Playground on a perfectly, beautiful spring day.

No egg-hunting on this Easter Sunday. But still, good times with friends.

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