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We had some serious playground overload this weekend. But, with the beautiful late summer/early fall weather, who can resist?

This was the first of two trips to various playgrounds yesterday. Can I just tell you when I saw the first photo on the slide, I almost lost it. I can’t believe how big she looks! Where’s my baby? Look at those long legs!

But my favorite part about this playground trip was when Quinn sped past the older boys, too timid to climb up the ladder on the section of the playground for 5-10 year olds, and she shot up it like a little monkey.

That’s my girl: showing the older boys how it’s done.

  1. forgetful-mama said: Logan is the same….fearless! Nolan on the other hand very afraid….he whines and cries he’s scared at the park all the time if he sees Logan doing something he hasn’t
  2. delightsandshadows said: I thought the same thing when I saw that photo. How can it be that time passes, just like that?!
  3. wheremygreengrassgrows said: she looks tall like my daughter. how many inches is she?
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