catch up - fall, 2012 edition

I often have so many things I want to write about that I just get overwhelmed and don’t do anything but post photos from my phone. I assume I’m not alone in this. At any rate, here is a quick rundown of our fall so far:


Quinn is doing great. One day soon, I am going to have to write up a “Quinn update” like I used to do every month back in the day. (wait, how many months is she now? I have no idea.) I really have so much that I want to document about her now before I forget it. She is so much fun these days. She’s also completely exhausting, but fun nonetheless. Quinn has always been good at communicating with us, but I feel like this past month, she had jumped some kind of major hurdle and is really able to clearly express what she needs. This results in far less tantrums. Thank God.


A lot of people have written me and asked about how her sleep training is going. That’s a whole other post, but for now, lets just say it’s slowly but surely getting better. Things will never be as easy as they were (at least not for a while) but at least we’re not fighting all night with a screaming toddler anymore.

Potty Training

Quinn has been using the potty (regular toilet with a seat) now for months, but it’s very off-and-on and never consistent. Honestly, that’s because of our laziness but also there were a lot of signs that I saw that made me feel like she really wasn’t ready. But, this past month she is really able to tell us when she has to go. Tonight, she walked in the bathroom and took off her pants, diaper, put on the seat, climbed up there, went, pulled the stool to the sink, washed her hands and pulled the seat off the toilet and put it away. All without telling me (I was just sort of watching her). So yeah. I think she’s ready. I figure if I wait another month or two, she’ll just train herself.


Work is work and it’s always a madhouse this time of year. Our day jobs are jammed packed with University fall madness and the photo biz always picks up in the fall. There are never enough hours in the day to do everything that needs to be done and I spend way too much time in front of a computer. Like, right now for example. Anyway, I can’t complain about being busy with 2 great jobs when some people can’t even get one crappy one. 


My parents drove up last week from Florida and my mom is staying in Philly with us for a month. She actually rented a furnished place about 2 miles from our house. We are so excited to have Grandma around for a whole month to play with us. And I have to admit, the home-cooked meals and free babysitting is an nice perk.

Jeremy’s mom has been in the hospital for the past month after needing emergency surgery on her leg. It’s been a long few weeks, but she’s slowly getting better. She is still in the hospital and will need months of rehabilitation. We are thinking of her every day and when we get back from Newport, Jeremy will fly out to California to see them for a few days. I know his dad could use the help and seeing J will do Grandma some good.

And in other news, Quinn’s big brother Dakota turned 18 last week! I can hardly believe it. To me, he still looks like the 4 year old that I met all those years ago. He’s turned into such an amazing young man, we are so proud of him. And l love to joke with J that he is now the father of an adult. Ha. Yeah, he thinks that’s hilarious.


Marathon training has been brutal this year with the heat. But last week, I officially wrapped up my first training cycle of the year and this Sunday I will run the Amica Marathon in Newport, Rhode Island. We usually try to pick one race a year in a different destination we have never been to. While I went to Newport once as a kid, I’ve always wanted to go back. And this course is supposed to be one of the most beautiful in the country. I can’t wait. Jeremy was signed up to run the half, but a lingering injury has kept him sidelined, so it looks like I’m on my own for this one.

But, the thing I’m actually looking forward to almost more than the marathon is a nice 4 day trip alone with J. Since Grandma has graciously offered to watch Quinn while we go, we managed a mini, kid-free vacation out of it. We will miss Q so much, but man, we need it.

After Newport, I have 5 weeks to rest up before running the Philadelphia Marathon the week before Thanksgiving. I usually run it every year with J, but again, he will be out, so I am on my own. It will be weird to run it by myself, but since I train every week on half of the course, it will  just be like another morning run (except longer and more brutal, ha). I don’t think I will be able to manage a PR in Newport, but I am hoping for one in Philly this year. We’ll see.

That’s essentially where this family is at right now. Just filling up as many days as we can this fall before we are stuck inside for the long, cold winter.