the calm before the storm

There’s a hurricane a comin’.

I know a lot of people are saying that we shouldn’t worry. That Sandy is “only a cat 1 storm”. 

But I grew up in Florida. I was in Miami when a little tropical storm named Katrina turned into a cat 1 right before it hit landfall. And a day later, we were without power for 2 weeks and every tree in our neighborhood was in the middle of the street or in our neighbor’s living rooms. Ever since that storm, I don’t take any hurricane lightly.

So, here comes Sandy. And it’s coming right towards us. Not towards a Florida town with hardly any trees where every building is built to withstand hurricane-force winds. But to a city that William Penn built. A city older than our country. A city where Ben Franklin lived and is buried. He did a lot for this city, but he didn’t know sh%t about hurricanes. 

Who would have thought we would need our hurricane supply kit after we moved to Philadelphia? I seem to recall saying the words out loud when we moved:

"I am so glad we don’t have to deal with hurricane season anymore."

But here we are. Our 2nd Philly hurricane in 4 years. Crazy.

We’re lucky. Our brick rowhome is strong. It’ been standing tall for over 85 years. But, it’s also surrounded by hundred foot tall oak trees that are just as old. The trees are right outside our windows, maybe 10 feet away. One is leaning towards our house. And who knows if they are strong enough to withstand 100mph wind gusts. I can deal with power outages. But I can’t deal with a tree crashing into my daughter’s bedroom. 

Everyone else seems to think everything will be fine. And maybe it will be. But J and I came from a season in Miami with Katrina, Wilma and 4 other hurricanes that battered us for months on end. We know what to expect. We aren’t so excited about a few days off of work.

But, so far, the day has been wonderful. It’s been kind of eerily calm and peaceful. There is a lot of wind and rain, but not hurricane force, yet. We snuggled in bed in the morning and took our time getting up. We have already had a play date with Evie, made muffins and set up our tent/storm shelter. And actually, having a few days to spend stuck in the house with Quinn has been the perfect opportunity to keep up with the potty training. And she’s been doing great. hopefully, we will still be able to flush the toilet tonight. Or else the potty training may get tricky.

Storm is set to hit in the mid evening. Good luck to anyone out there in this storm’s path. Stay inside and stay safe.