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quinn’s first birthday party (decorations)

I pretty much waited until the last minute to start planning for this party, but I think it came along pretty well. I got the idea for the theme of “love” as I was sitting at lunch with some friends at work. Someone actually suggested it for a coworkers daughter’s party who’s birthday was right before Valentine’s Day. She wasn’t interested in it, but I knew it was perfect for Bean’s big day. What’s a better theme than love?

And I love (ha) the fact that we incorporated the Love Statue into the theme since it’s such an iconic landmark in Quinny’s hometown.

One of the best things about planning a party around the theme of love right after Valentines Day, is that you can stock up on all the delicious candy and everything red and pink that’s on sale. I got all the candy for the giveaway bags (Hershey Kisses, raspberry jelly candy, sour cherry bites and red and pink M&M’s) on sale.

I also found a bin of pinwheels at Target for a dollar a piece, perfect for little munchkins to take home. I stocked up on all the red and pink ones.

I found all the red and pink cardstock and scrapbook paper I needed for the banner marked down at Michaels the week after Valentines Day.

I even used the scraps of red and pink paper I had left after cutting the squares, to punch some heart confetti with an old, heart-shaped hole punch I found in one of my drawers.

Some red and pink streamers for 99 cents, a couple of red and pink, plastic table covers I found on sale at Target, some red and pink balloons, pink tulips (that Jeremy picked out) and a simple heart garland (found on sale, of course) rounded out the simple decor.

Instead of printing out some of Quinn’s photos to put around the room, I figured it would be easier, cheaper and more environmentally friendly (I’m lazy) to just make a slideshow on my computer.

We kept the food table pretty simple but even so, ended up making way too much. We had easy mini turkey and ham cuban sandwiches, turkey meatballs in the crock pot, bean salad, a relish/veggie tray, fresh fruit, cheese and crackers and hummus and chips.

And of course, more candy. M&M’s and cherry Twizzlers rounded out the dessert table.

The cupcakes came out pretty good. I made vanilla cake with pink cream cheese frosting from scratch from a recipe I found in the Hello Cupcake book.

Of course, I tried to have something besides candy for the kids, so the parents wouldn’t murder me.

Finally, I ordered a custom notebook on sale from Tinyprints to leave out for people to write a birthday wish for Quinny. 

All-in-all, I had a lot of fun planning it. I was stressed out at the thought at first, but once I started just doing a little here and there, it was really pretty easy.

  1. mybodhitree said: Beautiful! The book is a great idea - I may borrow that for Dimitri’s party. :)
  2. happinessiseva said: I love all of the little details! And the custom notebook is a fantastic idea!
  3. kimbahanne said: Absolutely gorgeous! I love planning birthdays.
  4. tiffany said: You are such a cute and loving mom!
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