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quinn’s first birthday party (the fun)

For a few, brief moments during the planning, I was worried that we were going to have too many people show up for our tiny rowhome to handle. Then, yesterday, as people were canceling left and right with sick babies (a given at any winter, weekend event with kids) I worried we were not going to have anyone show up. I started to get a little bummed out by the fact that all our family lives so far away and that they couldn’t be there to celebrate with us and basically worked myself up for no reason.

Of course, we had a great turnout. Our family and old friends may not have been able to make it, but our new friends and “second family” here in Philly did not disappoint. In the end, we had about 20-25 people show up and it was the perfect amount of chaos for your first party. You loved watching all the hubhub and especially loved watching all the older kids playing with your toys. 

Every now and then, I would see you crawling towards me through a crowd of people and you would stop and reach up and wave at me before crawling away to join the fun again. Those moments alone made any stress over the party pretty much worth it.

Some of your guests included, our official “Philly family”, the Kents.

The Swanson clan.

Our neighbors John and Leigh and your daycare buddy, Evie.

Our neighbors Adam, Max and Brody.

Even our neighbor Judith stopped by.

Some of the BoMA’s showed up, like Bryer and her mom Liz.

And Max and his daddy, Jon.

Soon, it was time for cupcakes. You did pretty well with your hat and left it on the entire time.

I think you were more impressed with mine.

Time to sing “Happy Birthday”.

You took about two licks of the frosting and decided I should eat it instead.

There was a ton of food to go around.

And lots of fun in the sunroom.

You did really well with sharing all your toys. Of course, we’ll see how well that goes over next year.

The kids seemed to enjoy themselves.

Some of them just wanted to go out and play in the rain.

You showed off your walking skillz.

And other babies just decided it was time to get lit. Mental note: Next year, hide the recycle bin from the alcoholic babies.

All-in-all, it was a good time had together with wonderful friends.

Hope you had fun baby girl. 


Your exhausted, but happy parents.

  1. nosmokewithoutpryor said: love love these pics, can’t wait for L’s party!
  2. letterstoella said: haha, love how she’s shover her birthday cupcake in YOUR face hahaa
  3. happinessiseva said: I love Quinn’s party dress/outfit : )
  4. wheremygreengrassgrows said: so sweet! looks like a special day :)
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