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a valentine surprise

Written February, 15, 2013.

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day. And I have to say, it was the best one I have ever had.

We started out the day by announcing your anticipated arrival to the world. This resulted in hundreds of well-wishes and outpourings of support from friends and family throughout the world. What a great Valentine’s gift – an overabundance of love.

I also received private messages from three different friends who had read our announcement and told me that they too were expecting babies! And then, another good friend sent us pictures from their 2nd baby’s 20 week ultrasound that was also done on Valentine’s Day - everything looked good and healthy. It was a great day for baby news.

Even though your daddy and I had to work, we made a lunch date at a place on campus. It was nothing fancy, but it was nice to sit at a table and eat without having to occupy your older sister. After our lunch, we walked back to our offices through campus while holding hands, enjoying the warmer, sunny winter day. And like every time we have a lunch date, we made promises that we would get out together during a work day more often.

But, the best part of the day, came after work. We had our standard, 2nd visit with our midwife, Ronni. We went to the appointment with no expectations of the visit other than hearing your heartbeat, and catching up with Ronni.

As we started discussing the test results from the blood work I had taken a few weeks back, Ronni mentioned that she was surprised this new test wasn’t able to predict gender since they are testing chromosomes. She was scanning over the results as I told her how, as I was googling information on the test during the two weeks I was waiting for the results, I noticed that the newer version of the test, the MaterniT21 Plus, actually was able to predict gender, but I must have gotten an old version. I was a bit curious if we would find out, but the day we got the test results, she didn’t mention it, so I didn’t ask. Besides, that wasn’t the reason we had the test done. And we were just so happy that the results were negative for all three trisomies, we could happily wait for the gender to be revealed.

Ronni listened and nodded. She was reading over the results more carefully.

“Well, that’s weird, this does say MaterniT21 Plus on it…” she said, casually. But she cut herself off and slammed the paper on her lap.

“Oh my God! I there is something about a Y chromosome on there!” she said in shock. A giant smile spread across her face. “Should I keep reading? What do you want me to do?”

She covered her face with the paper and laughed, she was genuinely surprised. I could also tell she was not used to being the one to give out this type of information. Since she’s a midwife, she doesn’t perform ultrasounds or screening tests. Unless a couple decided to wait until birth to find out the gender, she’s never the one to announce it. She always see’s the results on an amnio or ultrasound report or straight from the couple themselves after they find out. And this was only the 2nd time one of her patients had taken this specific genetics test. This was new territory for her. And she was a little giddy at discovering the information.

“You can TELL?? It’s ON THERE?” I asked.

I looked at your dad, “Do we want to know? I think we do, right?” I asked but wasn’t really asking. I wanted to know, of course. We had always planned on finding out. But, it was still so early. I wasn’t even 14 weeks pregnant. We didn’t walk in expecting this information. Were we ready?

“Yeah, let’s find out!” He said with a nervous smile on his face.

I grabbed Quinn and put her on my lap. I told her we were going to find out if she was going to have a baby brother or a sister. She suddenly looked overjoyed but then instantly got distracted by the Tupperware bucket of toys on the office floor. She climbed off my lap and grabbed an action figure.

I quickly wondered how upset she was going to be if we had to tell her it was a boy. For weeks now, she had been insisting she only wanted a sister. When I would try to gently explain we didn’t have a choice, she didn’t seem phased. “No, I’m getting a baby sister.” she would reply, so adamantly that I wondered if she knew something we didn’t. My heart sank a little bit that I didn’t have more time to prepare how we were going to deal with her reaction.

And I knew this baby was a boy all along. From the minute I saw the two pink lines, I knew. I never once thought of this baby as a girl. I felt the same exact way I had when I was pregnant with Quinn. I just knew in my soul. Forget that the 3 different Chinese Gender predictor tests I took 2 weeks prior had all said “GIRL!” in giant pink letters, I knew. A mother just knows. I was having a son.

Ronni asked if we understood how the detection works and I said if there was a Y chromosome detected, that meant boy. She nodded and silently read over the results again and laughed. She quickly handed the results to your father, who took about 45 years to read over it.

“He doesn’t know how to read!” I said, joking in a way that let him know he needed to hurry up and figure it out already. “Would someone PLEASE tell me what’s going on???” 

He looked at Ronni, then at Quinn, then at me.

“Well,” he said. “Quinny is going to be a very happy girl.”






Two girls.

My girls.

Best Valentine’s Day ever. My world is officially rocked.

(P.S. I know that Quinn is not the one “having” a baby sister, but that’s how she say’s it (constantly…to everyone who will listen) so that’s how I wrote it here. She dictates, I write. Story of my life)

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