notes to bean - one week old

This time last week, I was in the most excruciating pain in my entire life.

I was hunched over a bed, completely naked, hypnotically repeating the phrase, “No, I can’t…” in between grunts, cries, moans and screams.

But of course I could, and I did. And what followed was the most amazing week of my life.

Bean…Quinn, you are one week old today. I am so grateful I have had this week with you, yet a small part of me is so sad to think how quickly this week has gone by. If one week can fly by at such a rapid pace, how is the rest of your life going to be?

But, of course I can’t think like this. We want you to grow and thrive as much as you can. And with every milestone, we will celebrate and rejoice in the fact we have a healthy, growing child and yet little pieces of our hearts will break as we long for these moments to come back to us.

But, we’ll worry about all that later. For now, here are all the wonderful things you have accomplished during your first week of life.

You are breastfeeding like a champion. And I have the raw, aching nipples to prove it. Need to work on getting that fixed, but for now, I’m just happy you are latching on and getting all the food you need.

You are going to the bathroom left and right. Never did I think, before I gave birth to you, that changing diapers would make me so happy. But since I’m nursing you and can never tell how much you are getting, each dirty diaper is a cause to celebrate. And lately, it seems like we celebrate all the time.

Your eyes are so much more controlled. Your little eyes that darted around so furiously when you were first put on my chest at 6:21pm a week ago today, have finally settled down and are much more focused and calm.

You’re sleeping well. Last night you slept really well and actually started to wake yourself up every three hours to eat. This is a huge accomplishment, even if it may just be a random fluke. It seems like you may be creating your own rhythm, which is nice.

You’re becoming much more content. You have learned to enjoy your swing and your vibrating bouncy seat, which will make my life a whole lot easier.

You love looking at our plants. This makes me happy as I think you will enjoy and appreciate nature as you grow older.

You have put us under your spell, voodoo woman. You have managed to sweep both me and your father off our feet and make us fall madly, deeply in love with you. I never thought I would be cool with your dad falling in love with another woman, but I’m totally fine with this.

Happy birthday Quinny, our Bean, our love.