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Dear Nugget,

Yesterday, we got to see you again, all of you, at your 20 week anatomy scan.

The first thing I thought when you instantly popped up onto the screen, was how much bigger you were than the last time we saw you. You looked less like the tiny, bubble alien you resembled 10 weeks ago, and more like a real baby. Your arms, legs, fingers and toes, not just little, stumpy, flailing objects, but actual long, strong limbs. 

They measured your head, your heart, your brain, your arms and legs, the lenses of your eyes, all your fingers and toes, your cord, your bladder, kidneys, and other things I didn’t even know, or remembered that they measured.

We found out your placenta rests on my stomach and not towards my back, which explains why it has taken me a few extra weeks to feel your kicks and why Ronni always has trouble hearing your heartbeat. 

You wiggled wildly at first and then fell asleep later on. There was a moment where you rested your curled fist underneath your chin and looked just like Rodin’s The Thinker. I told your daddy that you must get that from him since we always joke that he is a “Dr of Thinking”.

We were told your heartbeat is strong (144) and it’s pumping out blood well, which is a good sign. They did however, spend an awful long time examining your heart. Eventually, they told us we have to go back in two weeks to take more pictures. We were a little freaked out at first. Your daddy and I have a history with ultrasounds and this news brought back some pretty traumatic memories. But, the Dr reassured us (numerous times) that she didn’t see anything wrong, and just needed a better look at one area since you fell asleep and wouldn’t move.

I’ll admit, we had a small, freak-out moment in the car. We have had so much bad news given to us at ultrasounds over the years that any hiccup along the way sends me into a mental tailspin. But, after a few hours, and some reassurance from a few good friends, we’re feeling much better and are now just looking forward to the opportunity to see you again in two more weeks.

And, it also helps that since yesterday, I have felt you moving around like crazy. A feeling that was sort of faint and random just a few days ago. Now, it’s a definite feeling. Almost like you’re letting me know everything is ok. Thanks, kiddo.

We are glad you are safe and sound and snug as a bug. We are more in love with you every day. And just remember to be a good girl in 2 weeks, so we don’t have to give you a newborn time-out the moment you are born. Thanks.


Yer Mommy

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