"Families are like fudge – mostly sweet with a few nuts." - Unknown

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conversations with quinn


Scene: Just sitting on my bed, hanging out with Quinn

Quinn: I love you, Mommy.

Me: I love you too, sweet pea.

(Quinn silently looks at me and ponders for a few seconds.)

Quinn: We’re, really, really married.

(She kisses my head and leaves the room.)

Scene: While we’re eating dinner at the table, Quinn decides she needs to use the bathroom.

Quinn: Daddy, I’m gonna go potty, don’t clear my plate, ok? I’ll be right back.

Jeremy: OK, no problem.

Quinn: Thanks, Big Guy!

Scene: While running an easy 3 miles through my neighborhood with a friend, Jeremy and Quinn drive by in the car on the way to the store. Jeremy slows the car down and rolls down Quinn’s window so she can say hi as they drive by.


Scene: Tucking Quinn into bed.

Me: Goodnight Quinny, I love you.

Quinn: Goodnight Mama. I love your eyeballs.

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