"Families are like fudge – mostly sweet with a few nuts." - Unknown

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Somehow, I managed to catch another stomach bug or something yesterday and was up until almost 3:30am as night as sick as a dog. I spent all day feeling miserable and trying to figure out if what I was feeling was just from being sick, or me going into labor (I’m about 95% confident, I’m just sick). Either way, ugh. I feel awful.

But, after Jeremy was nice enough to spend the entire morning with Quinn so I could rest, and then offered to take her out in the afternoon so I could rest some more, I couldn’t resist spending some time outside on such a beautiful summer day in Philly. Sunny and 80 degrees? In August? Yes, please!

So, we decided to take an easy drive down around the art museum where we slowly wandered around for a bit. Eventually, we needed a bathroom break, so we dodged into the Academy of Natural Sciences for short visit. Jeremy takes Quinn a lot, thanks to a membership our friends Lori and Emi bought for us (thanks guys!), but I had never been. So, while we really just stopped into use the restrooms, Quinn wanted to show me the dinosaurs and butterflies. How could I refuse?

It was such a beautiful afternoon in the city with my little family. Even if I felt like butt.

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