"Families are like fudge – mostly sweet with a few nuts." - Unknown

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Last fall, a good friend gave me a generous gift certificate to a local salon for taking some family photos. I found the gift certificate in my drawer a few weeks ago, and figured it would be a perfect way to pamper myself for an afternoon right before the baby arrived.

But last week when I was making my relaxing appointment, something came over me.

"Do you happen to do kid’s nails, too?"

At the last second, I decided to make it a Mommy/Daughter date. Something to do together, just the two of us, to kind of celebrate her impending big sisterhood. I figured it would either be a really great idea, or a really bad one.

I told her last week we were going to go. She didn’t seem overly-excited which worried me a little bit. I usually paint her toenails, but have never allowed her to paint her fingernails because I said she had to be older. I told her that now, she is a big girl and could paint her fingers, too. That peaked her interest a little, but she was still hesitant.

So this morning I asked her again if she was sure she wanted to go with me or just stay home with Grandma. I figured if she really wasn’t into it, I wasn’t going to waste a relaxing afternoon to myself. She insisted she wanted to go, so off we went.

And honestly, it couldn’t have gone better. She was soooooooo good. I couldn’t believe it. She picked out her color (pink of course), and sat perfectly still while she got all painted up. Her mani-pedi lasted about 15 minutes total and she was a champ while mine took over an hour. She sat next to me, perfectly still as to not mess up her nails, and watched me get mine done. She ate a snack, asked lots of questions, and eventually, played a Dora game on my phone. She didn’t fuss at all and reveled in the fact that everyone that worked there told her what a good girl she was. I couldn’t have been more proud.

At the end, we sat under the dryers together (even though she was already dry) and she told me how much fun she was having. As we walked out and went to the local coffee shop to share a muffin, she stopped more than once to give me a giant hug and tell me how much she loved me.

It was a perfect morning. It’s not like we did anything spectacular, other than something new, just us two girls. But, It was exactly what I needed. And honestly, I think she needed it too.

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