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ruby james – 1 week old


Baby Roo. One week ago, on your due date, you crashed into our lives.

You first gave me a hint that you were on your way at 4am. You arrived just five and a half hours later. You were born fast and furious and when it was done, all your Daddy and I could say to each other was,

“Wow. I can’t believe that just happened.”


Before that moment, your Dad and I wondered how we could possibly fall in love with another child. But then we met you and that was that.

A few nights ago, I held you in my arms as you napped. As I stared down at your sweet, dozing face, big, fat tears rolled down my cheeks. I was engulfed by such an overpowering sense of love, that it scared me. I felt it with your sister when she was born, but forgot how intense it was until it happened again. I can’t believe that even for a moment, I ever doubted my ability to love you. It seems like you were always meant to be here with us. I already can’t imagine what our lives would be like without you.

Your first week of life, as it did with your sister, has flown by. You are changing every day and it makes me sad to remember how fast this newborn stage will fade away. I’m trying to soak in every moment I can with you and really take advantage of our short time together before I go back to work. While I was a bit too nervous to really enjoy the “newborn phase” the first time around, this time I’m feeling much more confident and I have no guilt over wasting every free moment by lounging in bed with you and taking it easy.

You are such a little beauty, a tiny peanut, at barely 6lbs. But, you are eating so much everyday, that I’m sure you will grow faster than we are ready for.

You resemble your sister in certain ways, but really don’t look anything like her. You have her same long fingers, toes and eyelashes. And you both have a cute button nose but yours is not as upturned on the end. Your cheeks are round, but not as full as hers or Daddy’s. And while Quinn inherited my pale skin, lighter brown hair and hazel eyes, I think you are going to have your daddy’s brown eyes, dark hair and olive complexion, which I always suspected.

So far, your personality is pretty laid back. People keep telling me that I am jinxing myself by saying that, and maybe it’s true. I know you will get fussy and have your own issues. But you are definitely a different baby than your sister was - much more content, much more relaxed. You have only cried a few times in the past week, and each time it was for a brief moment, usually while waiting for me to feed you.

You are happy to just sit around wherever you are placed: in the bouncy seat, in the swing, in the car seat, on the floor. You have no issues with being left alone. This has made our lives so much easier as we are able to enjoy a meal with the family or give you to a Grandmother for snuggles while I take a shower or just sit for a few moments.

You don’t mind noise, thank goodness, and can sleep in the chaos that is our home. I’m sure Quinn would have been the same way if we had a house full of people when she was a baby, but we didn’t and were terrified of her waking up so we didn’t make a peep. You don’t have that luxury, so you have already learned to adapt. And for this, we are grateful.

You love being swaddled, getting kisses from your big sister and snoozing. And when you are in your swing and start to fuss a little, Quinny loudly sings songs to you and rocks the swing (somewhat gently) and you fall asleep. Again, it’s a good thing you don’t mind loud noises.

And you LOVE to eat. The first couple of nights, you woke up every hour to eat at night, but for the past three nights, you have settled into 2-3 times a night, which has been a nice surprise. Since I couldn’t sleep at all the last few months I was pregnant, waking up is really not a big deal to me and I secretly love spending these special moments with just you, in the dark quiet of our home. Even if a few times, I did manage to fall asleep while you were nursing…

These are just a few of the many things that we’ve noticed about you over the past week. I know the next weeks, months and years are going to fly by as quickly as this week has. It makes me sad, but also excited to watch you grow. To see the rest of your personality develop and watch you form your own unique relationships with all of us.

We love you, Roo. Thank you for joining us on this crazy ride of life. We can’t wait to share our adventures with you.


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