"Families are like fudge – mostly sweet with a few nuts." - Unknown

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Egg hunting, Philly-style. In a back alley.

Easter, 2014.

Scenes from Ruby’s first Easter: egg decorating with her big sister, egg hunting in the back alley with friends and lot’s of time at the playground. Good times.

Instead of rambling on about what a difficult weekend we have had with Quinn, how she suddenly refuses to listen again to anything we say, how she constantly talks back to us and answers, “NO, I WON’T!” to anything we ask, how our weekend was filled with severe meltdowns, time-outs and early bedtimes with no stories or songs, how both Jeremy and I were pushed to the brink of our parenting limit with this sudden reversal of behavior…

…we’ll just post these photos. The photos of fun egg coloring and a great Easter egg hunt at Quinn’s friend Zayre’s house.

Because, this is what I want to remember from our Easter weekend. And the other stuff, I don’t think I could forget if I tried.

Hope everyone else had a happy (tantrum-free) Easter weekend.

Today, we met up with our buddy Mia at a local playground for Quinn and Mia’s very first Easter egg hunt.

Only problem was, when we arrived, we found out the egg hunt was yesterday. Yeah…I guess that would make sense. People probably want to do silly things like hang out with their families on Easter Sunday. Whatever.

Luckily for us, Quinn has no clue what an Easter egg hunt is, even after we had been building it up for her all morning. We were way more bummed out about it than she was. 

The good thing is, we didn’t have to deal with any psychotically competitive, helicopter parents  and we had the whole playground pretty much to ourselves. Quinn and Mia where the Queens of the Playground on a perfectly, beautiful spring day.

No egg-hunting on this Easter Sunday. But still, good times with friends.

Elmo’s guarding Quinny’s Easter basket from her mommy’s jellybean-hunting hands.

Today, Quinn colored her first Easter eggs. I think she had a good time. She enjoyed dipping the eggs into the cups of water. And by dipping, I mean throwing forcefully. We lost a few, but that’s all part of the fun.

quinn’s first easter basket

Well, technically, this is not true. We got her one last year, but at 7 weeks old, it was really more for us.

OK, this one is more for us too, as far as the candy goes, but I did make sure to throw a couple of things in the “family Easter basket” that she could enjoy.

"What’s in this crazy basket of which you speak?"


"It’s BUBBLES!!!!!"

"Who’s this guy?"



"Who wants to open this bad-boy for me?"

"The Easter bunny comes in chocolate too? I can get behind this holiday."

"Thanks Easter bunny!"

Happy Easter.

Happy Easter.

The Easter Bunny has arrived.

The Easter Bunny has arrived.