a simple story of two sisters, two parents, their family and friends as they navigate the everyday adventures of life in
the city of brotherly love. we play, laugh, work, dance, run, read, and take a lot of photos. a lot of photos.
the parents like to sleep. the girls - not so much.

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This past Saturday, your daddy gifted me with my very first surprise birthday party. It was on a rainy night in Center City when I thought we were just going out to a casual dinner with Mike and Scott. It was also on a totally unexpected year. (Who has surprise parties when they turn 37?)

While not all our friends could make it on this stormy night, it was truly a great surprise and a very fun evening filled with good people, good food and tequila. I feel extremely special and truly blessed to have such wonderful friends and a husband who loves me so much, that he wants to surprise me on a random birthday (not just the big ones).

If there is anything I can teach you in life, it’s to surround yourself with people who want to make you feel special on the random birthdays. Not just a life partner, but also your friends. It’s the best decision you will ever make for yourself. Good love + good friends = a wonderful life.