I just wanted to give a quick thanks to all that responded to my last post about our bedtime/toddler mayhem. It really does help to read/hear all the people out there who have gone through it and send their support. Even though I wouldn’t wish this nonsense on anyone (well, maybe one or two people), it does help to know we’re not alone and she’s just being two.

I still have a lot to say about it, but no time right now. I’m exhausted from only getting 3 hours of sleep last night (yep). We had one great night after the last post and then another crappy night (last night). It’s hard and I still have no idea what to do. I guess there is no right answer. I have tried many, many things. Many things suggested by others (let her cry, don’t let her cry, sit with her, don’t sit with her, pat her, rock her, put her to bed early, put her to bed later, bribe her, offer stickers, prizes, big girl beds, etc) none of it works. Or maybe it does for 5 minutes, but then it stops.

At the end of the day, she simply wants us/me to be in her room with her now or she wants nothing to do with it. She misses us and while the way she is expressing it sucks, it’s not the worst thing in the world- having a child who just misses you SO much they will do anything to have you near them. Ugh. Kids.

I need to stop whining and count my blessings. She’s healthy and happy (when she sleeps) and is generally, very well behaved and engaged. This phase is awful, but things could be worse. I could be losing sleep watching her lay in a hospital bed from being sick, or I could be losing sleep crying because I could never get pregnant in the first place, so I need to just suck it up and move on.

So, for now, I’m going to focus on the great weekend we have planned and try to take it one day at a time. We leave tonight to spend time with our neighbors Mike and Scott at their place in Rehoboth Beach. Then, we drive back Sunday for a Bruce Springsteen concert (I figured we live in 5 minutes from Jersey now, so we have to see him live at least once). Monday, we will be spending the day shopping for the big girl room in Ikea and then Tuesday, it’s back to work, but also my birthday, so hopefully, there will be cake involved somehow.

And tonight, hopefully wine. Red, red wine.

Have a safe and fun weekend everyone!

thank you…

So, I don’t often comment on here about personal messages I receive from people, because it’s Quinn’s blog and while I do write some personal things so she can learn about us as her parents, this isn’t my story, it’s hers.

But, I just have to say, there are some pretty amazing people that stop by here. Many of them are long-time readers or other moms or dads. Others are random people who don’t even have or really like kids, but leave us really kind words because they stumbled upon us somehow and liked what they read or saw. I would like to take credit, but really, I know it’s Quinn who hooks them.

I often get very kind comments and personal messages left for my family (probably because I have never allowed anonymous commenting, ha!) and I just want to take a moment to say thanks. Just this past week, I got 4-5 especially kind messages from other tumblr bloggers who I genuinely look up to as other parents, photographers and just human beings in general.

Yes, an online format like this can expose you to all sorts of random freakshows out there, but it can also introduce you to some pretty amazing folks.

OK, enough mush.

a big thanks

We just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone for all the wonderful comments, messages and birthday wishes over the past two days. We really appreciate everyone’s love and are blown away by all the online support we receive here at this little blog that was started just as an online baby book for Quinn and a way to keep our parents and friends, who live all over the country, up-to-date on her life. We had no idea that anyone else would be interested in all the random things that go on in our day-to-day lives. We appreciate everyone who comes by and hope that you’ll stick around over the next few years to watch Quinn grow.

I wanted to apologize for my lack of responses to all the wonderful comments and messages that have been sent. Working full-time and being swamped at work and getting ready for Q’s birthday party, a trip to Florida next week and training for a half-marathon have kind of left me a little absent online. I hope to be able to respond to everyone, but if I can’t, please know all your kind words and love are definitely appreciated and we hold them close to our hearts.

Thanks again for everything. Quinn is definitely loved.

Laurel, Jeremy & Quinn

jeremy’s got class

In all the years Jeremy has been teaching, I am always amazed by the kindness of some of his students, especially his grad students.

He’s taught at five universities since we’ve been together. And over the years, we have seen many of these students come and go.  But every now and then, there is a class that stands out, filled with smart, kind students that are eager to learn and just plain good people. Luckily for us, we have even managed to become good friends with some of these students once they’ve graduated. 

This year, Jeremy has another such class. His Consumer Behavior class seems to be filled with such great people. Just generally kind, thoughtful, intelligent students who make Jeremy’s job so much easier and makes him happy to be a teacher.

Jeremy came home from class last week with two giant bags full of gifts. When I asked who they were from, he replied, almost still in shock, that they were from his Consumer Behavior class.

This is so kind of them for a number of reasons. First of all, we all know college students don’t have any money. There is no reason they had to spend the little money they had on a gift for us, let alone a bunch of gifts for us.

Secondly, they have never met me, yet they went out of their way to not only buy gifts for Quinn, but also buy a gift for me- a $20 gift card to Philadelphia Runner, a local running store. This is actually one of the most thoughtful gifts I have received since getting pregnant. How did they know, or remember how much I love to run? 

Finally, we all know that students, especially grad students are busy. Seriously, who has time to go out and buy gifts for people you barely know, especially when you are trying to get your master’s degree and probably working full time?  Not many people would go out of their way to do that. 

And look at all the cute stuff they picked out for us!

First, they got us a Michael Jordan basketball set. This way, she can watch the games with her last name on her jersey. :)

They also got us this duckie bath towel set that was actually on our registry, but we never got. I’m not sure if they knew that or not, but either way, it was pretty cool.

They also got us a tube of Boudreaux’s Butt Paste, a gift card to Target and my gift card to Philadelphia Runner (which I’m sure Jeremy will try to steal from me as soon as he can).

Then, two other students, Bridgette and Kristy, went out and bought us something separately. 

First they got us this cute Ralph Lauren outfit with matching bloomers and socks. :)

Then, they bought this adorable swimsuit, which I LOVE. The funny thing is, Jeremy had passed a cute baby bathing suit in Target and he mentioned how we needed to get her one. This will come in handy when we visit Grandma and Grandpa in Florida over Christmas and take her to the beach for the first time. I can’t wait!

Anyway, we are very thankful. We appreciate all the kindness that all our friends, coworkers and family have shown to us throughout the pregnancy and since Quinn has arrived, but this was totally unexpected and we are very grateful.

Even if they are just trying to buy themselves an A in his class ;)

Seriously, thank you so much Bridgette, Stacey, Zach, Andrew, Alex, Ashley, Jenna, Brendan, Kristy and Andrew P. for thinking of our family. Make Jeremy buy you guys some pizza or $5 PBR pitchers after class one night.

Tell him it’s on me and Quinn :)